Welcome to B.S.K Group
BSK Group of industries was established in 1978 under the dynamic leadership Mr. B.R Singh Bhogal in India. There after company moved manufacturing base from India to Australia in 1988. Since inception of our company. We have gone through many phases and eventually managed it evolve in it well established and highly reputed bussiness. We have a firm hold over market of south asia cuisine equipment and related kitchen accessories, in India Tandoor being our specialty. The key of this success is our continuous efforts to revitalize to innovative approach, and our abbility to adapt according to competitive global market trends.
In domestic market, We Serve Food Caterers, Mobile Kitchens, Hotel & Restaurants, and individual household segment all around Australia and New zealand. In International market, we have highly satisfied clientele in USA, Canada, U.K, France, Itally, Germany, Austria & Norway. Our global market presence is evedently based on the fact that our products manufactured under strict safety guidelines and of assured quality. In Australia, our products are satisfied by Australian Gas Aggency (AGA). In Intrnational market we meet all the U.S/European satisfy and Regularoty Guidelines, and we continue improving our products based on customer feedback.
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